The Top 5 Benefits Of Creatine

The Top 5 Benefits Of Creatine

Creatine is an essential organic acid that is produced in the liver and it plays a vital role in providing the energy that is so important for your muscles and for your organs. Creatine is transported by your blood through all the muscles, as well as to the brain – this way, the skeletal muscle works perfectly and your body will help you perform the day to day activities. That being said, here you will find a deeper insight into the top 5 most important benefits of creatine:

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1.   Creatine Will Boost Your Athletic Performance

No matter if you are a professional bodybuilder or you are an athlete who is passionate about working out and wants to maintain a lean, slim body, it is perfectly normal to be concerned about the athletic performance. Fortunately, this is exactly what pure creatine will help you do, and this is why many athletes have embedded creatine in their daily diets, just to boost their activity in training. The mechanism of action is relatively simple: as mentioned above, creatine plays a vital role in helping your body create more energy, and when you have more energy it means that you are able to lift more weights as well as to work out more. As a following, your muscles will grow bigger during a shorter period of time, meaning that your athletic performance is dramatically improved!


2.   Creatine Will Increase Your Testosterone Levels

Millions of people suffer from low testosterone all around the world, even when they are in their mid twenties. In spite of the fact that experiencing a slight yet continuous decrease in the production of testosterone is perfectly normal for men over 30, this can have undesirable effects on their life – it can decrease your energy levels and sex drive, as well as your strength and your endurance. Creatine can come in handy once again and help you stimulate the production of testosterone, which means that this will also increase your libido and your energy levels. Nonetheless, it is extremely important to consult with your health care provider before you start taking creatine supplements of any kind.


3.   Creatine Will Help Your Mind Stay Sharp

This is yet another important effect of creatine. If you have recently started to be confused or to forget things at a faster pace than before, then several grams of pure creatine supplements a day can dramatically boost your neurological performance as well as your memory. Taking creatine in the long run will surely improve your brain function and prevent you from forgetting important things even though once again, this is perfectly normal for aging people.


4.   Creatine Will Help Your Muscles Recover After An Intense Workout

Another notable benefit is that it will help your muscles recover after every high-intensity workout. As you may know by now, your muscles get damaged during workout and, contrary to popular belief, your overall muscle mass does not increase while you are workout out, but while you are resting – this is why the muscle recovery process is extremely important. Creatine will speed up this process, which means that not only will your muscles rebuild and repair themselves at a faster pace than they normally should, but you will no longer resent such intense muscle pains after every workout either.


5. Other Important Benefits Of Creatine

Besides all the notable advantages mentioned above, it is said that creatine supplements can have other significant health benefits mentioned above, in spite of the fact that there is little research to support these theories in most. For instance, it is believed that creatine can help you treat depression as well as maintain the health of your nerves and your muscles and prevent diseases related to these two. Moreover, creatine can also lower the risk for developing rheumatoid arthritis, as well as to slow down the evolution of the condition if you already have it. Creatine is also said to be beneficial for a variety of muscular dystrophies, too.


Here you can find some of the Top Creatines:


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To summarize, creatine is surely a very important compound and it is essential to make sure that your body creatine levels are properly balanced, even if you do not plan to workout or gain muscle mass. It is important to consider all the benefits mentioned above!


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